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Starting a Cycle Speedway race

Sunday the 21st February 2010, the annual celebration of the start of speedway at high Beech in 1928 took place at the Speedway Museum in Paradise Wildlife Park for the second year. The wildlife park is owned by Peter Sampson, ex speedway rider (Rye House, Hackney, Swindon and Newcastle) The venue was changed because of the lack of parking space at High Beech and the stalls were expanding beyond the available space.

Jim Gregory, Ian Williams, Freddie Williams and cast Jim Gregory, Ian Williams, Freddie Williams and cast

The 'photo above and to the right show Jim Gregory, Ian Williams, Freddie Williams with the members who I (Terry Stone) invited to attend the show to add atmosphere and to act as a 'rent a crowd' circa 1930 in the many shots taken.

Jim Gregory & Terry Stone

Below myself (Terry Stone) with Jim Gregory.


The cycle speedway delighted the public, it is appropriate as when speedway first came to High Beech became very popular with those who perhaps could not afford to partake of the motorised version. Many of the earlier motorised speedway riders either also rode push bike speedway or came to speedway proper via the cycle speedway.

 Cycle Speedway race Freddie & Ian Williams with Jim Gregory and a Douglas

Shot above shows Freddie and Ian Williams with Jim Gregory with an old Douglas

Our thanks go to the Cycle Speedway Team who are from Ipswich and called The Kesgrave Panthers

The Celebrations went with a swing despite the morning rain, there was a good crowd with many riders and fans enjoying, as always, a speedway day out.

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