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A - Z Speedway bikes was written with the co-operation and approval of the restorer Noel Clarke . This book contains photos and records of 80 or more models of speedway machines.  Photos and records have been approved by the family members of the equipments developers along with any personal data, there are original photos throughout this 120 page A4 ring bound volume.

It is an invaluable item to all who have an interest in speedway and the equipment, the fact that it is ring bound makes it particularly suitable to the student and the workshop. The webmaster of this site found the information contained particularly helpful in compiling the “Machines” chapter of this website and is grateful to Tony for allowing me to pick his brain via this work.

If you are interested contact Tony Webb at this e-mail address [] he is willing to mail a copy to anywhere in the world and will be happy to give you the cost of this publication and postage combined.

A - Z of Speedway Machines

By Tony Webb

Published in 2005

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