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This J.A.P. powered bike was once owned and ridden by the late Alan Smith, who last rode in 1966 at Kings Lynn. After the meeting, Alan brought the bike home and put it in his shed. There it stayed until it was rediscovered several years after Alan’s death. It is still in its original condition, just the way Alan used to ride it.

Alan Smith was born in London in 1930, starting his riding career at Plymouth in 1949 and remaining with them until 1954 when he joined West Ham becoming a Hammer for one year before moving to Rayleigh, Essex to join the Rockets in 1956 for four years leaving in 1960.

It would seem he then left the sport for six years, he may have ridden as an individual during this time but he did not ride for a team again until 1966, when he joined first Exeter and then his final club Kings Lynn retiring as a speedway rider that year, aged 36. Then it would seem he parked his bike, still covered in shale, in his shed and forgot all about it. Alan Smith died in 1999 presumably never having looked at or touched his bike again.

Alan Smith’s Shed

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