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Andy Meldrum's first venture on to the track was in 1968 at Brafield Badgers. Born in Scotland he enjoyed a short but successful career in Speedway mostly riding for Berwick Bandits and Sunderland Stars.

Andy rode for Berwick from 69 through to 73, where from 1971 he was a valued heat leader. His Berwick success has now extended to his nephew David Meldrum who has been a member of the Berwick team since 1994 and was in 2004 their captain.

Photos at the bottom show Andy on his bike returning to the pits. And centre left leading the pack on the track for Sunderland. Andy only rode for Sunderland for a few months, June to August but his presence helped turn the struggling team around.

He holds amongst his best achievements being appointed to ride for Scotland, winning the Bordernapolis and holding the track record at Berwick in 1972 and his worst memory crashing head first at Ipswich. He was, not surprisingly, most proud of riding for Scotland.

His nickname is apparently 'Toby Brake Drum' odd when you consider a speedway bike has neither brakes or brake drums, perhaps someone will let us know why.

Andy retired from speedway in 1974 and says that he is no longer involved in speedway but I bet he keeps an interested, if not proud, eye on his Nephew David he is also a member of the World Speedway Riders' Association.

Bert Harkins writes to tell us that apart from his exploits with Berwick, Andy has the unique position of being the Scottish WSRA's "Official Bagpiper". Yes, Andy blows a pretty mean lament on his bagpipes and, at the annual WSRA Dinner Dance in 2004,  he had the honour of piping in the new President for that year, Jimmy Tannock

Bert went on to say, pity we don't have a Scottish rider in the Grand Prix. I could just see Andy marching into the Millennium Stadium with him, blowing away on his bagpipes whilst the rest of the GP crowd make a stampede for the exit gates!


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