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Though anyone interested in speedway will know of Arthur Franklyn and his reputation it is still hard to find out any personal details but Ian Pressley tells me he was born in 1907 in County Durham.

One thing we can report with certainty is that he was there at the start of speedway in the UK and he joined Belle Vue in 1929 and remained with them until the end of the 1931 season although I believe he in fact rode at Harringay for a team called ‘Manchester’ they were however part of the Belle Vue contracted riders. The other thing I know for certain is there much talked of rivalry between Arthur Franklyn and Frank Varey a rivalry I understand that was strictly confined to the track.

In 1931 Arthur was fined for flying when not licensed nevertheless he apparently gave up league racing to compete in aircraft sports, being a pilot made him a rare commodity in the early 1930s and he was welcomed into competitive flying where it seems he was as successful as he was on the dirt track. He was a pilot in the R.A.F. during the war.  Returned to speedway in 1950 as part of the company to introduce speedway to Ipswich.  Although the track was not at this time in a league it was allocated in 1951 a junior test match and by 1951 had joined the Southern League.

Arthur died in Ipswich in 1983


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