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Artefacts shown here are an embroidered TUDORS BADGE AND A TUDORS BLAZER belonging to Dick Seers this is on display at the Museum

The Odsal Boomerangs became the Odsal Tudors mid 1950 season. It is suggested, the name boomerang may not be helping the moral of the Odsal team who had not been having the best of results for some while, and not, as the name may suggest, bouncing back to winning ways but rather returning to the bottom of the National League, which was the fate at the end of the previous season. So from July 1950 until 1956 Odsal raced in the National League under the Tudor name.

After league racing stopped at the Odsal track in 1956 the track and name was taken over by a new promotion consisting of ex-riders Oliver Hart, Ron Clarke and Ron Mason they intended to stage open meetings at the Odsal, Bradford track in 1957, but when the Birmingham Brummies withdrew from the National League because of political infighting the Odsal Tudors promotion took over the remaining fixtures and most of the Birmingham team changing the name from Birmingham Brummies to the Tudors, dropping the Odsal part of the name

The name was changed again in 1960 and became the Panthers, followed by Bradford Northern 1970-74, Bradford Barons 1974-75 and then Bradford Dukes till the last closure in 1997

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Bradford Tudors