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Aub Lawson

Born in Australia at Waialda, New South Wales on the 5th April 1914

He started racing in his native Australia in 1937  continuing in 1938 showing promise and having the odd win. 1939 saw him arriving with his sister in the UK for the start of the 1939 season , signed by Wembley Lions  and rode on loan to Middlesbrough Bears. He, somewhat surprisingly, managed to qualifiy for the World Championship Finals for 1939 although because of the declration of World War II the contest never did take place.   Aub, complete with sister returned home, married his wife Mary and joined the Armed Forces as a dispatch rider.

1947 saw Aub Lawson return to the UK along with the resumtion of league racing, this time he was signed by West Ham Hammers remaining with them until 1951 scoring well and qualifing for the World Speedway Championships in 1949, 1950 & 51. He was also riding in his native Australia during this time clocking up some notable wins and becoming Captain of the Australian Test side against England.

1952 did not see his return to the UK for the season but he was back again in 1953 when he joined Norwich Stars remaining there until he retired from racing in the UK in 1960  returning home to continue his riding winning the New South Wales Championship for the 5th time in 1963. On his return home he started to take an interest in the promotion of speedway and in 1961 he and Eddie Dark ran the team at Westmead track.

During his riding career he qualified on 10 occasions for the World Final his best results coming in 1958 when he was placed 3rd and in 1950 & 57 being placed 4th.

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Aub Lawson wins the Golden Helmet

On the track at West Ham 1947