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This programme is for the Birmingham Brummies 1949 who raced out of Alexandra Sports Stadium under the promotion of Les Marshall.

It is perhaps of interest to note that when the racing resumed in 1946 following the end of World War II the Birmingham team joined the National League Division Two and raced 14 matches before settling on a name, the original intention had been to call the team Birmingham Griffins but it just did not seem to work - away the team were known as the Brummies so half way through that season that was the name that was adopted and as they still use it I think it was a sound decision.  

The date of the programme on the left is June 1949 at which time the Brummies were in the National League Division One having won the Anniversary Cup (division two) the previous year and been promoted.


Thanks are due to John Jarvis for permission to use information from the “Homes of British Speedway and to Richard Austin for the image of the programme cover

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