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The National Speedway Museum

(Hall Green Stadium)

After a somewhat intermittent stop start existence at Hall Green Stadium speedway made another ‘start’ in 1937 in the Provincial League and called for the first time ‘The Bulldogs’.

In August of that year a tragedy occurred during a league match between the Bulldogs and the visiting Belle Vue Merseysiders when a track accident involving the rider Stan Hart led to his death.

The following year the team competed in the National League Division Two with the last meeting of the season held on the 19 October 1938 - that was to be the final speedway held at Hall Green. Complaints from local residents and the talk of an injunction along with the then promoters unwillingness to go to the expense of defending a court action meant the closure of this track - so speedway was to be enjoyed no more at Hall Green.

Image courtesy Richard Austin and information gleaned from ‘Homes of British Speedway’ with the permission of John Jarvis

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