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The condition of the engine on the left is not that much of an unusual sight to a rider, his mechanic or tuner.

Much of the problem is probably the dusty conditions and the sometimes hit and miss oil supply but whatever the cause it always seem to happen at the worse possible moment.

The remains displayed on the left show how complete this destruction can be, piston skirt disintegrated, con. rod bent, big end shell fragmented and the carrier deformed, the cylinder well beyond economic repair.

This is an older style engine but I am told that the modern engines can be even more self destructive the whole expensive engine becoming an unrecognisable pile of shrapnel. Alan Hodkinson tells me he well remembers trying to clear one up off the track before the rest of the riders completed the lap and the only thing he recognised was the gudgeon pin the rest was a pile of hot metal shards.



Blown Engine

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