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Speedway Body Colours and Pennants

The Museum at Paradise Park houses very many body colours and pennants and it is no wonder that there are so many available for display. Every Club issues its appointed team or teams with a new one every season, this will depict the team emblem or logo and the riders number it may also carry the logo of the teams major supporter.  

In addition to the team body colours, sometimes called body jackets or tabards, there are those issued for national teams and individual meetings. It is difficult to find when this identification item started but it seems it was just to display a race number and has developed over the years into the colourful items they now are .

The pennants are similar in purpose to the badges, something for fans and supporters to collect they also change in design from year to year and the sale often goes to support the team or individuals within the team.

For the ardent supporter and indeed the museum, these items, body colours, pennants and badges are an ideal way to collect artifacts associated with your team or the sport in general, they are rarely expensive to acquire and are easy to store.


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