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The National Speedway Museum

In the Beginning ………?

Cycle Speedway

Well no, actually it is thought that Cycle Speedway started in this country shortly after Motorcycle Speedway known at the time as Dirt Track Riding that is in 1928.

Cycle Speedway took place before World War II but really got going after the war and by 1946 leagues had been formed (locally because transport was difficult) and the new sport acquired a control board.

At this time it was mainly a children's sport, the participants known a ‘Skid Kids’, areas of waste land and bomb sites were cleared to make a track, and as

there was still rationing on most things at the time anything that could be used was used, so elastic removed from underwear no longer fit for use began a new life as a starting gate and the tracks were cleared by hand with home made tools. This in no way distracted from the enjoyment had by the children who were riding and the parents who watched and organised.

The "National Amateur Cycle Speedway Association" was formed at the beginning of 1950 and Cycle Speedway is enjoyed by many today. It would be true to say that many a motorised speedway rider started to learn his trade on the ‘push bike track’ and not just how to ride an oval but how necessary it was to keep the equipment maintained and themselves fit.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this or any other cycling sport may find the web site of the British Cycling of interest.