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Cyril Frederick "Squib" Burton born in Cossington Leicestershire on the 16th January 1908, being small as a child lead to him being called ‘Squib’ which stuck with him right through to his 6ft plus adulthood. Cyril Burton’s career in speedway started almost as soon as speedway started circa 1928 riding on the Coventry Foleshill track and at Leicester Stadium in the autumn of the same year taking part in open meetings.

1929 saw the start of league racing and ‘Squib’ moved to Rochdale track but he returned to Leicester the following year, when Rochdale closed, becoming Leicesters most successful rider.

1931 and racing ceased at the Leicester Stadium so off again, this time to Lea Bridge (Clapton Saints.) Cyril ‘Squib’ Burton only remain for one year at Lea Bridge moving on to Sheffield for the 1932/1933 seasons before returning to Lea Bridge becoming the team captain in 1934 but the track was closed by the control board towards the end of the season for ‘irregularities’ and ‘Squib’ who seemed unlucky in his choice of team was on the move again.

(there seems to have been a swapping round of teams around the 1932/33 seasons at Lea Bridge, Southampton has been mentioned as riding there and that in 1933/1934 Sheffield moved there – so may be ‘Squib’ did not move back to Lea Bridge at all but remained with the Sheffield team who did the moving – it all seems a bit confusing and may have something to do the ‘irregularities’) (See Information received Below)

1934 saw ‘Squib’ riding for Wolverhampton and Hackney  Wolves in 1935 it then appears that he retired from racing although he was still relatively young around 28 it is possible he had been victim of a number of accidents or perhaps he had become tired of the tracks closing on him and moving from track to track – let me know if you know.

Despite his nomadic life ‘Squib’ had his successes riding for England on a number of occasions from 1930 onward riding in tests against Australia and travelling to New Zealand with the England team in 1930. When he retired from speedway I understand he started in Midget Car Racing with some success. His son John ‘Burly’ Burton is well regarded and well known as a Scramble rider.

Cyril ‘Squib’ Burton is deceased but I am not able to give a date he was a member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association and indeed in 1969 it’s President.

‘Squib’ Burton

Michael Terran sends me the following information;

“I was enjoying the Rider Profile section of your website, and would like to offer some more information for "Squib" Burton.  He was actually called "Broadside" Burton early in his Speedway career.

He rode for -

1928 no organized teams
Rochdale (EDTL) 1929
Leicester Stadium (SL) 1930
Leicester Stadium (SL) 1931 (until end of May)
Lea Bridge (SL) 1931 (mid June to mid July, then he was injured)
Sheffield (NL) 1932
Sheffield (NL) 1933
Lea Bridge (NL) 1934 (Lea Bridge moved to Walthamstow)
Walthamstow (NL) 1934
Hackney Wick (NL) 1935 (injured mid season)


(Leicester Stadium closed at the end of May 1931, most of the riders transferred to Coventry, who took over Leicester Stadium fixtures) (Alf Mattson and Squib Burton went to Lea Bridge)
Squib rode at Lea Bridge from mid June to mid July, he was then injured for the rest of the season.


Lea Bridge did not join the National League, they decided to operate as a pirate track, with betting. The betting scheme was not successful, and the track closed.

Meanwhile, Southampton (NL) closed at the end of May and the team relocated to Lea Bridge, however they were named Clapton, to avoid the stigmatism of the Lea Bridge betting shambles.

Sheffield closed after the first half of the season, as they could no longer field a team due to injuries. The last match I show for Squib was 13 June, I assume he was injured for the rest of the season.


Squib was injured from mid June through the end of July.


The 1933 Clapton team was moved to Harringay.
The 1933 Sheffield team was relocated to Lea Bridge.
Lea Bridge (NL) moved to Walthamstow at the beginning of August 1934.


The 1934 Walthamstow (NL) team was moved to Hackney Wick.
Squib was injured in July, and returned at the end of August for 1 match, I imagine he decided to retire shortly afterwards. As you quite rightly mention, he had more than his fair share of injuries during his Speedway career.

I imagine Cyril passed away in the late 1990's or early 2000's. I remember Maurice Jones mentioning to me that the Leicester newspaper had printed his obituary, by mistake.  It was actually his brother Norman Burton (who rode for Perry Barr (SL) in 1929) that had died.  Maurice commented to Cyril that he was one of the few people to read their own obituary!”

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Michael Terran