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Danny Dunton first took to his bike at Harringay in 1949 , and found himself as a Team Member in his first meeting at Harringay something he considers the finest achievement during his riding career, if fact, I do not suppose there are many riders who can claim a team place at their first meeting.

Belle Vue, Ipswich, Oxford, Long Eaton and his first track Harringay are listed as tracks ridden as a contracted or loaned rider.

In 1950, only his second season, he Qualified for the World Finals, it was only his second season and must be, even today, considered an amazing success, to Danny it is the achievement of which he is most proud.

Perhaps something he would rather not call to mind is his worst riding memory that goes back to 1953 when following a crash at New Cross he was confined to a wheelchair and could not walk for 4 months.

In 1963 Danny Dunton retired from racing at Long Eaton at the end of that year having scoring 127 and a half points from 17 matches..

1965 saw him Danny buying the Oxford promotion later to be joined by Bob Dugard.

Following the decision of the British League promoters in November 1967 to run a second division, five promoters from the British League, Danny Dunton, Maury Littlechild, Len Silver, Ron Wilson and Reg Fearman formed the Allied Presentations Limited. This company of promoters opened 3 tracks in 1968, Reading, Middlesbrough and Rayleigh and constructed Crew in 1969 followed in 1970 by Peterborough.  Each track was promoted by one of the APL members and Danny Dunton’s track was Peterborough.  

Not only did Danny Dunton serve speedway as a promoter after he retired as a rider he served during the 70's on the committee of the British League and then the National League as its Chairman in 1981, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87 and was honoured by being made the President in 1988.

Danny is also active in the World Speedway Riders’ Association and was the honoured and respected President for the year 2005/06.

Think we would all say a true servant to the Speedway Family.

Danny Dunton

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