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   Don Godden


Don Godden who died in June 2011 will be remembered not just for his Grass Track and Long Track successes but also for his engineering expertise.

Godden Engineering was formed by Don in the 1970s and he started making speedway and grass track frames followed shortly afterwards by the production of an engine, the GR 500 becoming established as a much sort after engine world wide.

The World Long Track Championship was won in 1983 by Shawn Moran using a Godden Engine and in 1984 at least half the riders in the World Speedway Final trusted their successes to the Godden and ten of the riders in the World Long Track Final were using the Godden engine.

Hans Nielsen, a Godden rider, won the World Speedway Championship in 1986/87 & 89 on the Godden.

Godden Engineering not only produced the 500cc engines but also a 1000cc V twin used in sidecar contests.

A great and successful rider and engineer who’s expertise will be missed it is not easy to fill the shoes of a man like Don Godden.

This does not seem a lot to write about someone who was so influential in the fields of Speedway, Grass Track and Long Track

So if you know more about Don Goddon’s engineering, riding or have detailed photos of his equipment please contact me by clicking on this area.

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