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Fairchild Finn JAP FIS 


Jerry Fairchild from the USA, engineer and mechanic to Wilbur Lamoreax in the late 1940’s, was the builder of the Fairchild JAP.


Danny Finn Essex engineer made a number of JAP powered machines in the 1960’s, these were produced as grass track machines and proved successful.

FIS Poland

Originated by two Polish motor mechanics with an interest in speedway, they were Tadeusz Fedki, Romould Izewiski and their favoured speedway track, Stalwocy: FIS  - deciding to build an engine followed a humiliating defeat of their Stalwocy team in 1952. Aircraft manufactures PLZ agreed to help the pair and the engine was dually built, and at its first outing it broke the track record: now for a frame to complement.

The frame was made, it was of a fairly conventional design made noticeable by being copper plated, it did also have a larger than normal fuel tank and smaller than usual bracing for the forks.

For photo of the FIS engine click here.

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