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Art Pechar caused quite a stir with his ‘Red Indian’ during his short time riding in the UK collecting a following at Stamford Bride and breaking the world one mile record reaching 42.68 mph in 1929. The 350cc ohc engine fitted in the red painted frame had unusual forks that were curved in a similar fashion to a cycle with an added front brace. See examples of the Indian Machine here


Champion grasstrack rider the late Ian Towns made a range of frames in the early sixties mainly for grasstrack.

 Gerald Jackson Frame

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Jackson Rotrax

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A complete machine employing a V-twin, OHV Super Sports Engine with a competition ration of 9 to 1, the design managing to incorporated the twin carburettors in a very efficient manner. The James did not prove that successful as a dirt track machine and production was stopped around 1933.



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Although Jawa took over the ESO manufacturing in 1962 Jawa speedway machines only appeared on the scene much later in 1966. Even though they offered 6 models there seemed little difference in the frames a few changes were made like the discontinuing of the clip on bars and a different smaller seat was made available. Frames apart, they did offer a choice engines and a number of different engines became available including a long track model between 1966 and 1980.

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JLR Camel 1978

East Anglian based business owned by Peter Cornish and John Louis produced a variety of frames for speedway and grass track during the late 1970’s at the factory in Suffolk; the main feature was a cleverly shaped frame just under the seat to allow for a central carburettor. The frame proved popular not just in the local area but was also exported to Australia and the USA.

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Jones Bob

Bob Jones, ex-Swindon Robins rider, built, during the 1960’s a number of frames in the company of Bill Davies, they were also involved in the restoration of vintage machines.

J M Sweden

This was a Jawa conversion used by Bengt Jansson not much is known of it and it is thought production was minuscule.

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