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Do you have any information about Bill Webster who rode pre-war in the Liverpool area and possible elsewhere below a copy of the request received -

From = Doug Webster

EMAIL = fiona-doug@ntlworld.com

Good Afternoon I was wondering whether you could please help me in my search for information regarding our dad the late Bill Webster born in Liverpool in 1909. And rode at speedway tracks in the twenties/thirties in Liverpool with I believe Les Graham. When war broke out Les went into the RAF. Our dad went to work at Rolls Royce in Crewe Cheshire, as an aero engine tester on Merlin engines which were fitted to Spitfires etc. He then opened up a motorcycle shop, and raced motorcycles quite successfully. The reason that I am asking for any information regards his speedway years, is that my wife and I are doing the family tree and it would fill in a lot of gaps. Hoping you can help me in my quest. I remains Yours respectfully Doug Webster

18 August 2013

From = Dietmar Tschenett

EMAIL = d.tschenett@tirol.gv.at

Dear Sirs,

about 15 years ago, I bought a speedway - (grass - track?) motorcycle from the community of the heirs of Mr. Otto Mathé, who died in 1995. He was a well - known racing driver in Austria and Germany, who began with motorcycle - racing in the late twenties and continued with car-(Porsche) and boat- racing in the fifties and early sixties. Running a speedway - race in 1934 in Graz/Austria, Otto Mathé had an accident and he could not drive motorcycles further on, because he was no more able to move his right arm (so he changed to cars and boats after the war and was astonishingly successful).

As far as I was able to identify the motorcycle, it might date from 1931 to 1933 (the purchase included a service - manual, which deals with the model of 1933). On the last page there is shown the model of 1934, so I think, the motorcycle might be the one, with which he had the accident I mentioned before. Otto Mathé held it unrepaired and unrestored until he died. I wrote Mr. Jeff Clew, who answered me, that the motorcycle might be one of the early „production - racers“, sold by Rudge - Whitworth or better Victor Martin.

It has a 500ccm - J.A.P. - engine and the frame seems really to be made by Rudge - Whitworth Ltd., but neither the engine nor the frame have identification - numbers. The fins on the crankcase, as I got to know, identify this engine as a (speedway-?) racing - engine. Restoring the engine, I got to know, that the cylinder - head must be one of a road - engine (inlet "near - side") and the aluminum - cast - cylinder looks quite "self - made" or is an accessory part. Also the basis (crankcase) is a bit mysterious, because the cam levers seem to be of a sv - engine and the complete layout of this engine seems more as a sv-model (described in the Book of A. C. Fenner on page 76), it has also the same rotary - pressure - release - valve as the sv - version (Fenner, page 75).

The engine ran very well until the bearing of one cam - lever was broken (I was searching for new ones, but I was not successful, so I must make new ones by myself).

As far as I am able to assess, the motorcycle is optically quite original, the HURTH - Gearbox (Germany/München; 3 gears) and the clutch obviously not. The saddle tank seems to be original, because there is no room for a tank between the upper tubes of the frame. I did not want to restore the motorcycle in "original condition", I preferred to set it in the state, as Otto Mathé built it. I suppose - and several parts on the motorcycle confirm this speculation - that Mr. Mathé bought an incomplete or crashed motorcycle, collected the parts he needed and were fitting quite well and built a near "home - made" motorcycle.

I got a lot of information about Victor Martin - Rudge (JAP) motorcycles of a friend of mine in the Netherlands (he was also running speedway - races) and of Mr. Jamie Bellham from speedwayservice ltd /GB, who could deliver a lot of parts I needed.

Speedway was (and is) in the west of Austria a very rare kind of motorsport and so I got until now not much information about this motorcycle and I found a near "matching" picture on your homepage (http://www.national-speedway-museum.co.uk/page287.html).

I would be very happy, if you could help me with general information, manuals and technical dates or some photograthies of a restored or unrestored motorcycle. I would like to send you some photos of the unrestored and restored motorcycle to give you a better impression of it - please tell me your e-mail-address to be able to send the photos.

WANTED Help & Advice

From = Timothy Bauermeister

EMAIL = timfrance11@hotmail.fr

I am trying to find some information on my grandfather He was on a team of four a German, Australian, Danish and an Englishman.They rode speedway side cars in the late 20s early 30s.They use to tour all the Majore speedway events at that time. They use to give a show of speedway riding with a sidecar in the interval between events .They rode all over the UK and Scotland his name was Frederick Bauermeister known i think known as the flying German .I hope you can help me.

Yours Tim Bauermeister

3 February 2014

Please help if you can by contacting the person making the request

From = Graham Hart

EMAIL = sr71Graham@hotmail.co.nz

Hi, I am after a muffler,fuel tank strap, oil tank cap and front guard for a 1970 BSA Shooting Star. Do you know of anyone you can put me in contact with. thanks, graham

4 February 2014

From my Inbox - can you help please

From = Donna Eaves   - EMAIL = donna.eaves@btopenworld.com

Can you help Donna Eaves with information about her grandfather Alonzo Connor, she writes -

“Hi, I am trying to find out more about my grandfather, Alonzo Connor, who used to breed & race trotters & greyhounds in Audenshaw Manchester in & around 1910 - 1934 when he died at an early age. My mother, also now deceased, told me stories of my grandfather, one was that he was part of a syndicate who put instigated Belle Vue speedway & that they had to initially import riders from America as there were no UK riders & that initially they lost a lot of money in this venture. I have inherited silver cups & a gold medal from his accomplishments with his trotters but I would so like to know if this story has any truth.

Many thanks for any information that you may be able to provide.



20 February 2014

On a recent visit to the museum,I saw a Weslake dohc engine. I have several cylinder heads of this type and need to find a source of spares. I wonder if you could help in any respect. Thanks in anticipation and thanks for a great little museum.

From Tony Royston -  Contact: tonyroyston6@btinternet.com - date 30th April

From - David Earp     E-mail: daveearp500@gmail.com - date: 25th April 2014

I am trying to complete my badge collection of badges. I want a badge for every track that i have visited. the two badges that i need are Harringay racers and Lydd/Romney falcons. if you have either of these badges for sale please contact me. I can be contacted by e mail or telephone number 07950768479

Looking for Westlake dohc spares Team Badges wanted Information about Alonzo Connor Information about Bill Webster Parts for BSA Shooting Star Early Exhibition Team - speedway sidecars JAP 500cc in Rudge/Whitworth frame

I am looking for information about the Haydon frames and Charlie Haydon, particularly interested, if it is known, did the Haydon frame use the top tube of the frame as a fuel tank - have had an e-mail from a Mark Papa saying he has read something about it in a local (Poole) old newspaper (1949) If you have information about the Haydon brothers or the frame please contact me via this form or via my e-mail address if you know it.

Info required on Haydon Frame