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The National Speedway Museum


"We are the WORLD Speedway Riders' Association, and our National SpeedwayJunuchio Ogisu & Pete Sampson Museum at Paradise Wildlife Park is visited by Speedway folk from all over the world, and we have just had a VERY International visitor,.....Junuchio ("Jimmy") Ogisu from Japan.

Jimmy had just attended the 2011 Australian VSRA Dinner in Sydney, where Ove Fundin was their Guest of Honour then flew back to Tokyo for seven days, then flew back out to London where he attended the Norwich Lunch, the Speedway Museum and visited the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Jimmy also managed to visit the Rushbrook family in deepest Essex where he had stayed when he raced in The Internationale at Wimbledon some 41 years ago.

The family had moved house since those days, and when we pulled up outside of the old address, Jimmy hopped out out of my car and started photographing the front of the house, until an angry lady came to the door and asked what we were doing. Luckily she didn't call the police otherwise the WSRA could have had a member in HM Prisons and the Tokyo flight would have left without Mr. Ogisu!

We found the correct house and Stephen Rushbrook, who was just a young lad when Jimmy came to stay, brought out Jimmy's old open face helmet and goggles which he had been given as a souvenir when Ogi-San went back to Japan. The helmet was quite heavy by modern standards but the goggles were very interesting. Instead of the usual plastic Lexan lens, these goggles had fine WIRE MESH held on with elastoplast!

"Could not see in wet shale with other goggles", said Jimmy, "but these much better when raining". I have never tried wire mesh goggles but I will take his word for it.

Hopefully, Steve may loan them to the Museum sometime and then others can have a look at this unique eye protection.

Jimmy was very impressed with the Speedway Museum and had brought over a set of Ove Fundin's leathers which he presented to Peter Sampson to be put on display. He also brought a limited edition large action print of Aub Lawson who had originally brought Jimmy over to race at Claremont Speedway in Perth, Western Australia.

Jimmy was even more impressed with the tigers and lions in the Wildlife Park and said, "In Tokyo, so many people coming to Zoo that you cannot see animals, here is much better".

By co-incidence, Lynn Sampson of Paradise Park had just shipped a very rare Amur Leopard, the most endangered of all big cats, to the zoo in Hiroshima, Japan, so Jimmy is going to go along and say "Hello" when he gets home.

And so our Museum goes from strength to strength. The new wooden floor should be fitted in place any time now and the other good news is that the Committee are trying to have the Museum and WSRA registered as Charities which means that we could claim back 20% of donations as Gift Aid, a valuable help for our funds.

Don't forget, Sunday 19th February 2012, Celebration of Speedway at Paradise, come and check out the updated Museum and enjoy a Speedway day out, but meanwhile, I wish all WSRA members a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. (Phew, that's saved a few cards!).

Bert Harkins".

We are the WORLD Speedway Riders’ Association

Visitor from Japan Junuchio Ogisu a report by Bert Harkins

Jimmy standing by the entry to the Museum
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