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Keith Ryan Frames Kermond Frames Kidd Frames Kilminster Wally Kirby Specials KSS Kyokuto

Keith Ryan Frames

Australian rider Keith Ryan rode in the UK for Glasgow Tigers from 1947 to 1949  before returning to his home to continue his riding and produce speedway frames which he did on request from 1950 until 1970

Kermond Frames

Vic Kermon another Australian but this time an engineer, having made bespoke machines in Australia he came to England and set up shop in Exeter in 1950. He also made grasstrack machines and accepted the post of manager at Cardiff speedway in 1952.

Kidd Frames

Jack Kidd arriving in the UK in 1947 found himself making a frame for Norman Parker from a design by Jack’s brother drawn up back in his native Australia where Jack had a business that advertised themselves as JAP agents.

Kilminster Wally

A New Zealander this time Wally Kilminster, he rode for Wembley Lions 1930 to 1935 and made a number of frames.

Kirby Specials

Tom Kirby from Hornchurch, Essex said to be the man behind Alf Hagon made The Kirby Specials for 1947 to 1958.


Keith Stevenson well known engineer from Huddersield constructed a number of frames for both Grasstrack and Speedway, the frames were based on the Jawa and plated, it is said John Titman and Eric Boocock acted as advisors to KSS.


This was a Japanese produced machine that appeared in the late 1960’s but was never really used on track.

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