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On the left a rather grubby looking programme cover that may once have been white, dating from September 1952 and held in aid of Lynmouth Flood Disaster Fund for those who suffered loss during the recent floods in the area.

This was the first Speedway meeting held at the newly opened greyhound track, it was held on a grass track that had been marked out on the inside of the dog track. Sand was used on the bends to aid with ‘broadsiding’ and it was the only Speedway meeting held at this venue during this year.

There were two meetings held the following year and this time  the first meeting was in aid of the Kings Lynn Flood Relief.

Speedway did not start on a purpose built track until 1965 - league racing in 1966

Kings Lynn

The pre Speedway, Speedway Meetings

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The meeting that took place on the 7 September 1952 began with a Challenge Match  in which Barry East. who was a replacement for Geoff Godwin. beat Bill Codling.

There followed a fourteen heat Open Match for the Stadium Trophy and the following riders took part:

Joe Rodwell - Dick Hewitt - Crasher Franks - Peter Loombe - Jack Plane - Malcolm Flood - Peter Smith - Bill Codling - Barry East - Peter Loombe - Jeff Brighton - J. Stapleton - Cliffcrothers - A Alexander - Dennis Fletcher and Ivor Brown. The Trophy was won by the in form man Barry East.

After the interval there was the second of the Challenge Match heats followed by a three heat, and the final of the South Lynn Scratch Race and then the final. Then the last race of the day the third of the Challenge Match heats.

All proceeds were donated to the Lynmouth Flood Disaster Fund and was sponsored by the Kings Lynn Sports Stadium Ltd.

There is a note in the programme that suggests that the Kings Lynn Sports Stadium hoped to bring Speedway to the Stadium as a  permanently.