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Lionel Levy Australian rider who was born in 1916, a diminutive man who did not understand the words ‘give up’ and he never did.

Lionel’s speedway career started at the Sydney Showground where he quickly became a favourite even though his style could not be described as stylish, at just 5 feet tall and well built he gave the impression that his bike would be too big for him but once in action on the track it was determination, some may say aggression, that set him apart, stylish, no, exciting, defiantly. He was a popular rider with the crowds not just for his exciting riding but also because he was prepared to give his time to the supporters, particularly children.

By the late 1940 Lionel Levy was all but unbeatable around the Sydney Showground – 1955 saw Lionel announce his retirement at the age of 39 but the disappointment of his supporters was short lived as he was back again two years later in 1957. Known as the Mighty Atom he was picked to ride for his country again in 1959 in a series against England and despite being 43 he was his countries top scorers – he felt now was the time to retire again.

However, eight years on in 1967 and England were once again due to return to Australia for another Test, and sure enough he re-appeared at the test selection this time at the age of 51, he missed out on a another Australian Cap by just one place – so he became the team manager. But being team manager for a test did not mean he had given up on riding, oh, no, during the 1967/68 season he made appearances at the showground always causing excitement amongst the large crowd that would come to watch him.

During a meeting on the 10th February 1968 he was involved in a track accident that led to his death on the 28th.

Lionel Levy - The Mighty Atom

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