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Maely AJS

Ken Maely the American well known for building superior steel shoes also developed a machine called an Ajay 500 the engine a long stroke AJS that he set up for speedway. He hoped it would be competitive enough to challenge the European built machines.

Martin Comerford

The Comerford machine had a similar spec to the Rudge and was built in the 1930’s although they proved popular on the American small tracks they were not that popular elsewhere.

Martin Rudge

Machine built by Victor Martin with a JAP combination speedway engine and a frame built with a special licence from Rudge Whitworth Ltd. This equipment is said to have excellent handling properties and the engine speed and reliability.

Martin JAP

Another frame built by Victor Martin this time at the invitation of JAP to house their 5 stud engine in the late 1940’s

Martin Mitchell

The Victor Martin workshops also took on the production of a machine built from a design by Clem Mitchell in 1949 although they were in the most part advertised as just Martin.


Know nothing of this machine except that one was owned by Bob Sharp in 1961 - anyone know any more please?

Jim Barbour writes to tell us that Bill Landels also owned a Matchless machine when he rode for Edinburgh during the mid 1960s. Any more information on the Matchless or photos would be more than welcome

Maur Matt

President of the World Speedway Riders’ Association in 1980 the late Morrie Mattingley constructed this machine in 1962. Ronnie Moore won the 1964 World Champion Finals on one of Morrie’s machines


Brian Maxted British Grasstrack Champion in 1969 & 1971 and speedway rider made this machine in 1970 built and made for his own use it must have suited his riding style as he was very successful using it.

McEvoy Hatton

Equipment built by a group of people headed by Michael McEvoy, and based at Duffield in Derbyshire another member of this group was George Patchett late of Brough Superor who joined to become the competitions manager, the Company chairman was Cecil (Archie) Birkin who’s job was to seek out financial backing. The group started to produce machines using either the Blackburne or JAP, one of the machines produced had a horizontal JAP, the first and with the lowest centre of gravity.


Edinburgh’s former rider and team manager Clem Mitchell, also a skilled tuner and Frame builder produced a machine during the 1950’s the British sales being handled by Victor Martins.

Mosely Frames

Motorcyclist, tuner and racer Alec Mossely, contracted by International Speedways Limited as mechanical adviser in 1928 followed by a spell as personal mechanic to both Les Blakeborough and Billy Lamont. Moving to Wembley in 1932 as chief mechanic and then onto West Ham he became known as one of the finest tuners and frames maker around at the time.


American Putt Mossman made a light weight frame that was tested and ridden by Andy Menzies mid 1938 and the advent of World War II probably stopped this becoming more popular.


Australian engineer Ciarrie Meirs produced a number of engines from 1963 the 4 valve twin cam produced in 1975 being the most popular.

MTRM Italy

MTRM engine was developed in Italy in 1973 by Carlo Mazzuccatto

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