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Malcolm Brown nicknamed 'Brownie' was born in the N.E. London in 1935. He first started riding in 1962 at the Rye House Track, and continued his training for the next two years mentored by Len Silver the then Hackney Hawks promoter. He became a fully contracted rider for Hackney Hawks and a team member in 1964 . In 1968 he transferred to Leicester.   

Winning the Best Pairs meeting at Oxford with his partner Nigel Boocock he considers to be his best achievement during his riding career

The Speedway memory of which he is most proud occurred when he was a member of the Leicester Lions team that went into the Guinness Book of Records for using the same seven riders all season.

Breaking his ankle at Rye House in his first race and then continuing to take his other 3 rides not being aware he had broken it, rates as the worst memory of his speedway career and I am not surprised.

Malc retired from speedway in the UK in 1975 and moved to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and it would seem started on the next phase of his career. He became the promoter for the Bulawayo Warriors but continued riding and still holds the title of Rhodesian Speedway Champion. Apart from his riding Malcolm also owned a nightclub and two car dealerships. When in 1980 Rhodesia became independent Malcolm met Bob Marley and The Whalers at the Independence Ceremony in Salisbury. He returned to England in 1982 and opened a nightclub called Raffles in St Austell, Cornwall. 

It must be obvious by now that Malcolm is not one to hang about waiting for something to happen and although he is now resident in the USA and has been since 1988 where he did not sit back and watch the world go by either as apart from running a successful business he entertained on cruise ships sailing from Miami for Barbados and other tropical destinations.

Pushed in amongst all these activities he managed to appear in five films including the 'B L Stryker' staring Burt Reynolds, played a detective in 'Ill Town' and later in the movie 'Do you Want to Know A Secret?' in the role of a S.C.I. Investigator.

As a member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association he has produced a CD to help the raising of funds for the National Speedway Museum project. The CD includes his work from past and present and includes songs he recorded in 1973 at the Rolling Stones studio in London and the first three in 2005 to bring things up to date. 

Think one can say that it is not in Malcolm's temperament to sit still and dream of the time he won the Best Pairs with Nigel Boocock, although it is obvious that, despite his varied and interesting life, he has not forgotten his days in UK speedway.

Malcolm Brown

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