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In 2004 we were approached by a gentleman whose friend had recently died and who had a collection of vintage speedway machines and memorabilia and he asked if we knew where these might be displayed as his widow did not wish to sell them. Discussing this at a 2005 committee meetings of the World Speedway Riders’ Association (formally the Veteran Speedway Riders’ Association), Terry Stone said that Dingle Brown had told him that he had been considering starting a museum and that it might be a possibility to site it at The Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Herts,  which is owned by former rider Pete Sampson.

A couple of meetings with Pete Sampson and it was agreed to go ahead with the proposal and the committee subsequently sent pledge requests to all members and a considerable number of businesses and people connected with speedway. The response initially was reasonable but then the momentum picked up as individuals and speedway clubs started offering donations. One of the committee members, George Barclay, offered to give his full commitment to the job of trying to raise the necessary money during this and next speedway season. Back to the top

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project fund progress...............

New year, new hope there is much confidence that the target will be reached as by the beginning of the new year the amount raised reached £47,730 (87% of the required fund) just £7,270 (say it quickly) Although there was less opportunity during the closed season to raise money the Sunderland re-union raised an incredible £500 and the article in Opposite Lock (members magazine) has achieved a great response from the WSRA members. Thanks to Dave Dowling and the Association of Referees who raised funds with a raffle at their pre-season meeting and March saw the start of the 2006 season and promises of further track collections have been made.

February 2006 - It was now almost a year since George Barclay and Linda Christie offered to raise the money required to build the Speedway Museum at Paradise Wildlife Park and the end of the collecting of funds and the start of the museum were in sight. At the end of the 2005 season we were still needing £12,000 but the donations were arriving still and there was less than £4,000 needed to reach the target of £55,000  The Speedway Star this month continues it’s support of the museum with a report from Peter Oakes with some great photos by Mike Patrick.  

2006 March - no longer a dream but reality! The fund raising is nearly complete and building will be able to start shortly, with the first three tracks having taken collections for the Speedway Museum Fund this season, in addition to the dozen who did so in 2005, the finances were now so close to reaching the final target that those involved were going full throttle for the project’s completion.  

Many offers were made of machines from all eras, clothing and riding equipment, artefacts and memorabilia,  and it was announced that the recent British Grand Prix winner, Jason Crump, had confirmed that he will loan of his 2004 World Championship Jawa bike to the speedway museum, whilst six times world number one Ivan Mauger also offered three of his title winning machines.  

It was hoped to complete the funding by collections through the summer months, and commence construction of the building in September, then fitting out and preparing for a proposed spring 2007 opening.

2006 onward and upwards....

Badges produced to help with the fundraising

2004 in the beginning

2005 project progress

2006 onwards and upwards

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