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New Henley New Hudson New Imperial North Frames NFL Norton 1930

New Henley

This equipment was exhibited at the Olympia show in 1928 but did not attract much attention from those who were buying, built in Oldham between 1927 and 1929 there were not many in use and I do not known if any survive.

New Hudson

Another machine who’s existence is known but not much else except it was available during the period 1927 to 1933 and it was available in two engine sizes that of 346cc and 496cc.

New Imperial

A little more information known about this machine, perhaps because it was different in so much that the frame was a host of strutted tubing making maintenance of even the most basic items unusually long winded, despite this it was popular. Made between 1927 and 1939 in Birmingham  

North Frames NFL

Nigel Boocock, Tom Ridley, Les Owen, Roger Hill and Leo McAuliffe were all known to have used this frame that was built by Rob North, well known in Road Racing circles, if still carrying the original duel tank (fuel & oil) the logo NFL may be discernable.

Norton 1930

This equipment was available till 1932 and had, by all accounts, a Norton engine that was notable for the fact that it was vibration free throughout the rev range, the frame was designed to accommodate this engine and had all the expected  features of the time.

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