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Speedway at Brough Park was revived by Mike Parker who entered a team based at this Newcastle venue into the Provincial League for the 1961 season, the team still known as the Diamonds. Although the team finished last in the Provincial league in this their first year they remained racing in this league for four years slowly improving their yearend position until in 1964 they won the Provincial League.

This win placed them in an excellent position to be founder members of the new League founded for the 1965 season. This was the result of the combining of the two previous leagues known as the National (top) and the Provincial (second) and making one all inclusive, and large group of 18 teams competing in the same league now known as the British League.

Brough Park
1997 - present day

Our thanks to John Jarvis for permission to extract information from his book ‘Homes of British Speedway’  

1997 sees the re-launch of speedway at Brough Park this time promoted by George English and Dave Rowland for a company called Newspeed Limited. The team entered in the Premier League where they have remained until today (2013) moving up and down the league tables and finally becoming League Champions in 2012.

There have been a few promotion changes since 1997 - 2000 saw Darryl Illingworth join the promotion team then in 2003 Dave Rowland stepped down and the other two continued until 2005 when they were joined by Barry Wallace.

In 2002 a team was entered in the Conference League called the Gems and remained racing in this league until 2004 - to date they have not entered a second team in the lower league now known as the National League.

The track at Brough Park must hold the record for the number of ‘final meetings’ and ‘opening meetings’ to take place at the same venue - think the total ‘Opening Meetings’ is nine and ‘Closing Meeting’ eight; here’s to a long run this time and the hope that there are no more ‘Opening Meetings’ or Closing to be organised in the near future.

Programme Covers courtesy
Newcastle Speedway History Site

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