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The National Speedway Museum

Norman Parker

Born in Birmingham on January the 14th 1908, died 1991

It was at Coventry Brandon stadium that Norman Parker first took to the speedway track in 1929 joining his elder brother Jack, moving to Southampton Saints 1931/32 and then Clampton Saints for the 1932/33 seasons. 1934 saw him enter a more settled period riding at Harringay Tigers 1934 to 1939 with aparently a gap during 1937 (was he on duty elsewhere, retired or injured – I do not know but would welcome any further information on this rider)

1934 saw his international debut when he gained a place in the England team and in 1936 the first of his three apearences in the World Final Speedway  Championships 1949 & 1950 being the other two occassions, his best result being in 1949 when he achieved 4th place this year also saw his brother Jack’s best result, he was placed 2nd. It is perhaps of interest that Norman’s first appearance in the World Final in 1936 was the very first World Final a contest that is still around today even if in a very different format.

When Norman returned to the speedway track following World War II he did so at Wimbledon Dons remaining there until he retired from racing in 1953 during which time he also served the team as their Captain.

Norman Parker was an honored member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association formally the Veteran Dirt Track Riders’ Association and the Veteran Speedway Riders’ Association.

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