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The National Speedway Museum

Nottingham White City Speedway

1933-34 & 1936-38

By 1933 Mr Frank Parker having taken over the Olympic grounds in 1931, demolished the old stadium and built a new one that he called White City, by the start of 1933 he had a speedway team entered in the National League, he had changed the team colours from the old Olympic black and white and presented his new team in Red and Yellow, this team was to be known as the White City Wasps. Despite the enthusiast start to the speedway season when the first meeting took place in May by the end in October the team finished the year bottom of the league and the spirits had dropped.

1934 saw Nottingham Motor Sports promoting speedway at the venue and they opted for a season of Open meetings. There were no speedway meetings during 1935 but there was a team entered in the Provincial League for the following season.

1936 season was promoted by the same group who were promoting speedway at the Cardiff White City Stadium, and financial difficulties at Cardiff reflected on the turn of events at Nottingham. Rescue came for Nottingham in the form of Fred Whitehead and Fred Evans who were at the time Hackney speedway management, these gentlemen took over mid season and reverted to the old colours of Black and White horizontal bands and they dropped the name ‘Wasps’ , it appears the team were not given a new name but became known a ‘The Lacemen’ after the lace production that Nottingham was famous for. The team continued to race in the Provincial League for the following year and placed third in both 1936 and 1937.

1938 and the running of the track was taken over by Sheffield Speedway Limited with Arthur Westwood in charge of the running of the venue, the side had been entered in the National League Division Two but was withdrawn before the season started but they did manage to compete in the English Speedway Trophy fixtures before the closure of the speedway season far earlier than it would have been had they competed in the National League and the team was transferred to Leeds who had taken over the team’s league schedule.

Later the track was covered in concrete to act as a parade area for the greyhounds during wet weather, another case of a speedway track biting the concrete rather than the dust.

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Images courtesy John Somerville and to  John Jarvis for information found in his book ‘Homes of British Speedway’

Book information available here