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Activities at the new West Ham Stadium at Custom House commenced on Saturday (28th July 1928) by holding a Dirt-track Motor Cycle meeting, organised by the Dirt-track Speedways Ltd.

Prior to the commencement of the speedway meeting, Alderman Jones M.P declared the stadium open, and there was present a number of members of West Ham Council, with Sir Louis Dane Chairman of the directors and Lady Dane.

A large and enthusiastic crowed were treated to an excellent display of racing by some of the leading British, Australian and American Speedway riders.

Most of the riders in the events which were decided had no opportunity for a practice spin, and for the first lap or so had to ride carefully, but once they had tried out the track, some thrilling racing was witnessed.

All the Star riders present included Paddy Dean (Australia), Lloyd `Sprouts` Elder (U.S.A), Irvine Jones (Australia), Billy Galloway (Australia), Ivor Creek (England), Art Pechar (U.S.A), Geoffrey `Buzz` Hibbard (Australia) and Gus Khun (England) took part in the West Ham Invitation Handicap, which followed the parade of riders.

There were some close finishes in the Heats and Semi-final before Paddy Dean beat Buzz Hibbard in the Final, completing the mile and a half in 2.30 min, equalising 36 Miles Per Hour.

The West Ham Golden Gauntlet mile event however produced the most exciting racing as all riders started from Scratch.

Unfortunately Pechar and Kuhn had to retire from this after winning their heats owing to Machine Trouble, and the event was finally won by Elder in 1.31 min at 39.56 MPH, which was the fastest time of the day.

In a special match race, Ivor Creek won from Billy Galloway, his time being 1.38 min at 36.44 MPH over a mile

The results were;

West Ham Golden Gauntlet (1 Mile) Final,

1st Elder, 2nd Dean, 3rd Creek, time 1.31.

West Ham Invitation Handicap (1.5 Miles)

1st Dean, 2nd Hibbard, 3rd Creek, time 2.30.

One Mile Match Race Ivor Creek beat Billy Galloway by four lengths, time 1.38min.

From the Stratford Express 03-08-28.

Dirt Track Speedway

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