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"Dr. Carlo Biagi,...Speedway's Miracle Doctor",....How many times has that headline appeared in the Speedway press over the years?

Yes, Carlo earned the gratitude and respect of so many injured riders over the years, from World Champions to Reserves and from his early days at Southampton to his beloved Scotland, he helped everyone including his local Rugby team at Galashiels.

It wasn't JUST that Carlo was a highly skilled Orthopaedic surgeon that riders made the long journey to Peel Hospital in the Scottish Borders. The reason  was that Carlo understood Speedway riders and their will to keep on racing so, where a "Normal" doctor would automatically write you off for four or five weeks with broken bones, Carlo  would do his best to get you back on the track as quickly as possible.


If he thought that you could ride through the pain without causing any more damage to the injury, then he would patch you up and get you back in the saddle. However, if, after his inspection of your injury, Carlo told you that you could not ride, then you knew that it was serious and you always took his advice.

The list of riders helped would fill the pages of a telephone directory and from my own experience, he did a great job of strapping me up to let me ride in the European/Nordic Final at Hampden Park in Glasgow only five days after breaking my collarbone at Wembley.

Carlo was definitely an unorthodox doctor as my fellow Scots, Jim McMillan, George Hunter and I discovered. We were due to leave on the British Lions tour of Australia at the end of the season but we had neglected to have all of our injections done in time for our departure. Fortunately, Dr. Biagi came to our rescue,.....again!  We arranged to meet Carlo at his local pub in Clovenfords one evening and he would give us the injections we required.   It must have looked strange as we sneaked into the pub toilet where Carlo pulled out the needles and zapped then into our shoulders. Luckily no-one came into the toilet during our "Consultation" otherwise we would all have been arrested on suspicion of being drug addicts!

In later years, former Edinburgh rider, Roni Ferguson were able to repay some of our debts to Carlo where the tables were turned on the famous doctor and was a patient in the Edinburgh Southern Hospital. Carlo lamented to us that he was not allowed his usual nightcap tipple of a wee dram of whisky in the evening, so with the help of a large coat, Roni and I managed to smuggle in a bottle of Scotland's best and Carlo was able to get a good night's sleep once again.

'Dr. Carlo Biagi, Speedway's Miracle Doctor', a fitting description to a great man who is sadly missed by our Speedway World.

Bert Harkins

Dr. Carlo Biagi

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By Bert Harkins

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