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Exwick Fields - this track is on land owned by Bill Eastmond and is situated at the rear of the Thatched House Inn, the promotion for the events taking place on this track are Broncho Slade and Buster Buckland who were also associated with the Exeter track at the County Ground home of the Falcons.

Just one event took place at this venue planed for the 21st May 1945 and held as part of the celebrations for Victory in Europe day with all profits to go to the St John Ambulance Brigade. The weather however was not in the celebratory mood and required many lorry loads of sawdust to make the circuit suitable to be ridden but ridden it was and the event was won by Fred Tuck who was awarded the Victory Trophy.

Exwick Fields

Marsh Barton - two weeks to build it seems the construction of this track may hold some sort of record, and it was not a straightforward construction either, the track had to be dug out and the soil removed was used the form a safety fence or I would think the base of the safety fence, the track being laid with cinder. Mind you they did save on the pluming as a stream running through the site was destined to be used as the riders washing facilities.

Once again those stalwarts of speedway in Exeter, Buster Buckland, Bronco Slade. Bill Eastmond along with Peter Jones were the organisers of this endeavour. The first meeting took place on the 5th July 1945 during which Ron Johnson won the individual event, the initial meeting was followed by a further 5 the last of which was an official ACU Southern Championship at which 7.000 spectators so Bill Kitchen take the honours.

However the success of this speedily built track was short lived and the ministry of Agriculture imposed a ‘ploughing up order’ on the area and there was no appeal or redress.

That was not the end of speedway at the venue however as later a larger track was laid and used between 1948 and 1951 for training, being situated very close to houses it was not without the occasional problem when the local housewives would get together an make a formal complaint about the dust on the washing and the training would have to pack up for the day. Johnny Myson, Norman Clay and Don Hardy all instructed at this track at various times.

The venue was also used for cycle speedway during 1948 and Greyhound Racing also took place there up until 1957 - the track is no more and the field is not ploughed, it is covered in an industrial estate.

Marsh Barton

Woodburn Common - quoted from the book ‘Homes of British Speedway’

“Hubert ‘Goog’ Hoskin used to practise on a cinder track at Woodburn Common” in 1949. “The circuit was part of a temporary wartime Royal Marines Camp, situated near Dalditch. During the Second World War a mock-up of Exeter Airfield was created on the common, with the intention of fooling German pilots into bombing it instead of the real thing.”

Woodburn Common

Peamore Circuit - behind the Peamore Garage, owned at the time by John Selleck, the same John Selleck who latter promoted at the St Austell track. During the 1950/1951 winter months a training school was help on this track behind the garage by Don Hardy. Two machines and leathers were available to the juniors at the cost of £2 per day plus 5s.9d for insurance, I imagine this insurance was for the riders rather than the equipment but may be both.

Sunday practice sessions were held and Plymouth rider Brian Hitchcock was a product of the Peamore School. Residents and the Local Planning Authority stopped the school running the following winter season and the area is now the home of a transport company and their warehousing - wonder if the residents prefer the lorries to the bikes?

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Information from the ‘Homes of British Speedway’ our thanks go to John Jarvis for allowing our use of his book