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Other Tracks in towns that begin with ‘E’
Training and Trials Tracks

Edmonton Elstree

Essington - a couple of Staffordshire farmers, Bill and Tom Simkin, who had an interest in Speedway built a track upon their land for training purposes and also bought a bike from Doug McLachlan for a reported £150. Then during 1951 and 1952 held regular training sessions that attracted riders including those from local tracks at Wolverhampton and Birmingham, including Derek Timms, Gundy Harris, Roy Moreton and a then young Howard Cole.

The track had, to one side, a pond which proved an asset during one particularly eventful training session with Wibur Nash taking to the pond to swim for safety on no less than five occasions.



The Henry Barass Sports Stadium situated in North London - used for trails and training in 1961.

The stadium was originally built in 1926 and by the summer of 1939 had become surrounded by 52 acres of a park complex known as the Jubilee Park. In 1961 Wally Mawdsley and Pete Lansdale were working away at a project to bring Speedway to the sports stadium in the Park, there was already a 440 yard track, it was constructed of cinder but perhaps the one big problem being this track had been laid to be used for athletics and for reasons undisclosed a licence for League racing and practice was refused - it is however rumoured that in the years to come trials did in fact take place.

Thanks to John Jarvis for allowing the information contained in his book ‘Homes of British Speedway’

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Elstree - west of London. It is recorded that a farmer in the area prepared a track by the some what unusual method of pouring oil on a section of the grass in one of his fields, he erected a marquee which was the only cover for the officials to work and the riders to change. There were nine meetings held in all with the entertainment being enhanced by beauty contests, side shows and knobbly knees competitions.  These nine Sunday afternoon events were overseen and controlled by ACU steward Arthur Humphrey