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Peter 'Rathy' Wrathall seen here (left) photographed when he was a team member for the Scunthorpe Saints.

Peter's riding life started in 1963 when he took to the track at Stoke (Sun Street)

Following his first outing on the Stoke track he rode for the following tracks as a contracted or loaned rider, sorry not sure which. Long Eaton - Brafield - Cradley Heath - Scunthorpe and Sunderland.

Photo  below right shows, Peter on the line, Alan Molyneu in the centre and J Millen on the outside, taken at Sunderland.

There was little hesitation when asked what during his riding life he considered his best achievement, "breaking my own track record by over 5 seconds at Brafield" he said, and I am not surprised, it seems that many of the riders I have spoken to remember that one time when they were on top form and everything fell into place to enable them to perform above the norm and to their lasting satisfaction.

Having dealt with his thoughts on his best riding achievement I pushed a little further and asked what made him the most proud, his reply "riding in the same team as Ove Fundin at Long Eaton" and his worse moment was being sacked from Cradley Heath by telegram.

Peter retired from an active life as a contracted speedway rider in 1974. But continued to play and active part in motorcycle sport as a training instructor for the Auto Cycle Union and the Speedway Control Board. Peter is also a valued member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association and at the 2012 Annual General Meeting was elected onto the committee.

On the left the photo is on Peter with the Miss Long Eaton, I am sorry I do not know the year but would guess by her clothing the late 1960's  

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Peter Wrathall