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Thinking at first this was a programme cover, as the photo was entitled Poole 1960 - but when looking for a conformation date I realised that this may well be a flyer or poster and not, as I at first assumed, a programme cover. It carries no date or suggestion of a particular meeting nor can you see any sign of print through - who knows, is this a programme cover or not?

Now I did know that back in the middle of the last century it was usual for places of entertainment to have posters around the town and flyers circulating in the local area but still decided to check Poole’s records to see if this was a special time in their history and indeed it was.

Searching through Homes of British Speedway book I found this -

“The Poole licence was transferred to Ipswich in 1960 and that heralded the arrival at Wimborne Road of legendary promoter Charles Knott, who took the Pirates into the Provincial League. Mr Knott set about modernising the venue and this included two new grandstands, as well as the laying of a new speedway track inside the greyhound circuit. At the same time, the starting gate was moved from the west to the east side of the stadium, while the pits were relocated on the second bend”

So does this image on the right announce the start of a new era for Poole Speedway perhaps it did, the team were the League Champions the following year 1961 or am I being fanciful and is this a programme cover of an unusual design - if you know, tell us.

Poole Speedway
circa 1960

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