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Rex Acme Ripper Lewis RKB Rotrax Roth Engine Royal Enfield RTS Rudge Beckett 1930 Rudge Whitworth Ryan

Rex Acme

Available fitted with either a 350cc or 500cc JAP engine was the 1929 REX Dirt-Track racer both models being 4 valve OHC. The 1930 Rex-Acme ridden with success by Squib Burton was fitted with a Python engine which was the name given to the Rudge-Ulster Dirt Track special engine. The Rudge Python was also produced between 1930 and 1933.

Ripper Lewis

Mechanic Ted Ripper made a few frames exclusively for Tony Lewis of Poole, Ted Ripper being his personal mechanic at the time.


The RKB was the trade name belonging to former Australian rider Roy McGuinn between 1970 and 1999. Originally reproducing Rotrax frames he developed his interest into Junior frames and produced an adjustable steering head used by Jason crump at the 2006 British Grand Prix meeting in Cardiff.


Well known in speedway circles since the 1950’s and associated with equally well known engines for more information about this frame manufacture please Click for the Rotrax Pages

Roth Engine

An OHV 4 valve conversion for the Jawa was built in the 1971/72 off season period by Willy Roth who later built a completely new design of engine incorporating many of his own designed components.

Royal Enfield

Produced a “speedway special” in 1928 featuring, as did many of the early machines, a profusion of struts.


Roger Taylor’s firm RTS a present day company producing sporting machines including those designed for Speedway.

Rudge Beckett 1930

This has been listed as an individual Rudge machine but I have no details and assume it was developed for or by the England international rider Clem Beckett but would welcome more informed information please

Rudge Whitworth

In cycle production from the late Nineteenth century produced dirt track bikes in 1929 - for more detail of this organisation please click for the Rudge Page


Australian 1952 Champion Keith ‘Buck’ Ryan produced frames between 1950 and 1990 used by a number of Australian riders including Bill Bryden and Lionel Levy.

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