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The National Speedway Museum

Happy memories of Rayleigh Rockets

from Alan White

brought to the fore by visiting the World Speedway Riders’ Association web site.

I have had the pleasure of visiting your website. This experience has stirred some lovely and unique memories of my life.

If I may just share with you, some of my memories as a boy whilst being in the crowd in the mid to late 1960's through to the 1970's and of course the closing of the track for a supermarket. wot.

Not only were my father and I supporters in the crowd but before each home match we would be there early in the day ready to clear the track after the banger or stock car racing the night before. I used to help paint the white line on the inside of the track and felt very proud when it was complete and ready for the match. My father would help with the 'grading' of the track using the tractor with the punctured tyre squirting water everywhere. The fish and chips in the hut bought by Peter....memories.

I won't bore you any further but if any of the team can remember during this time that the shower block was a no go area until my father and I cleared the block of many years of mud and shale for their usage after the matches.

My regards to the team especially Dingle Brown (my hero), Terry Stone (I remember your terrible accident) and of course Peter Thorogood and Len Silver (we used to go to Hackney as well).

I am now 46 years old and still have all the programmes, the holder, scarf (yellow and blue) and many boxes of speedway stars/news. I will bid you farewell now as I have an appointment in the attic with the previously mentioned items.

Thank you so very much and keep up the good work


Alan White

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