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During the last days of 2005 work was underway to construct a track that would be devoted to the sport of speedway, the project being overseen by Glyn Taylor.

The promoter Chris Van Straaten and the director of operations Gareth Roger, had already decided that the team would be entered into the Premier League and so it was. The Premier team was called the Bears, an additional team would be formed later in the year and entered in the Conference Shield, this team was known as Cleveland Bays.

Three months and a good deal of work later the track was ready, high banks on the corners, fences in place and everything set for the opening meeting on the 13th April 2006, this meeting was formally opened by Stuart Downing of Middlebrough Football Club in front of 4,000 spectators who were about to see an exciting and close Premier League Trophy match which the Redcar Bears lost by just two points.

The number of people attending that first meeting took the management by surprise and led to an apology in the following weeks programme stating that some spectators did not have the view of the racing the management would have wished. By August of that first year the second team was entered in the Conference Trophy and they too lost their first meeting but this time only by the one point. Sounds like close racing.

Redcar has continued racing in the Premier League and at the time of writing (2013) is still doing so, the running of a second team has not been continuous, following the participation in the Conference Shield in their first year, 2006, we did not see a second team again until 2008 when a team was entered in the Conference League they did well finishing in third place but they did not enter the following year when the Conference league changed his name to National League

Redcar Speedway
South Tees Motorsports Park

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