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His speedway career began at Wimbledon in 1949 when he was 17 years old and stayed with them until 1955 – not becoming a heat leader but a good solid middle of the road team man. On leaving the Dons after 6 years’ service he joined Oxford briefly for the 1955 season.

1956 saw Reg Trott move to Norwich where he remained for a further 8 years until 1964 again not attaining heat leader status but becoming the more than useful rider who produces mid-range point’s average and the sort of stability every team needs.

At the start of the 1965 season Reg rode 3 meeting for Wimbledon, team that gave him his start in speedway, before being welcomed at Custom House to join the West Ham team and remaining a Don for the rest of the 1965 season and the next year. Again he only managed to achieve a points average of 4.65 in his first year with them and the slightly lower average of 4.30 in the second year. Although he started with the Dons in 1967 he only did one match before announcing his retirement. He must one imagines found the continual struggle in the top league draining on determination and he perhaps felt he had come to the end of his ability or perhaps he was just tired of the fight and needed time to himself.

Reg Trott took the year of 1968 off, not privy to what he did with this sabbatical year but it must have worked because the following year he was tempted back to the track but this time it was to be in a lower league, British League Division Two. So, in 1969 Reg joined the Eastbourne Eagles where I believe he became captain of a very young side and there is no doubt his experience would have been a great help to them. In his third year with them they became the British League Division Two Champions. The following season was to be his last as a rider choosing to retire at the end of 1972.

Although Reg retired from riding he by no means turned his back on speedway becoming a referee and a member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association.

For more details of his career be sure to visit the page where Darrell Mason’s writes of his interview with Reg Trott and read of his life from his point of view.

Reg Trott

Reg Trott, born Herbert Reginald on the 2 January 1932 in Surrey. We know little of his reasons for entering the sport of Speedway but he did and served as a rider for 23 years.

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