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Phase Two -  Romford, Brooklands Stadium was to be the new home, or more accurately their first home, the stadium was originally part of a much larger sports complex accommodating many sports on its courts, pitches and tracks during the early part of the 1900s, the Romford club built a stand for the spectators with one side facing the football pitch and the other the cricket ground.

Speedway having arrived at Brooklands in a hurry and unexpectedly when the original home of the Bombers was unceremoniously pulled from under their feet before it was even built. The move to Romford was organised with speed and efficiency by the promotion team of Wally Mawdsley and Pete Lansdale with Maurice Morley being responsible for laying a suitable speedway track which he managed, with a team of workers, in nine days.

The Bombers first match at Romford took place at the end of May, the 29th, with a challenge match against Crewe which they won well the score being 45-33. The Romford Bombers continued in the British League Division Two for a further three years and attendances were good at this venue, the track although built around the football pitch seemed to be providing good racing that was enjoyed by the spectators. All seemed well until a group of local residents persuaded a High Court Judge that the sport was causing a noise nuisance and the final meeting took place on the last day of September 1971 and the Bombers were once again homeless. And Brooklands Stadium was not far off being lost to Romford as well, during the latter part of the 1970s the land was sold off to allow the owners to service their debts and a housing estate was built there.

Phase Three - and the nomadic Bombers were on the move again. West Ham ended their racing at Custom House at the end of 1971 the licence being transferred to Ipswich although redevelopment at the West Ham venue was not due for redevelopment until after the end of the 1972 season so was available for the Bombers to run for at least another season. However things did not workout that way and the last match held at Custom House was on the 26th May and despite a lot of talk and no doubt a lot of effort that was to prove the end of the Bombers.

Romford Brooklands just one of
The Bombers a trio of homes

Phase One - after a demonstration in 1969 at Rochester City Stadium the local authority gave permission for speedway to be run from the Venue. A team known as the Rochester Bombers began racing in the British League Second Division to start with only doing away meetings as the promotion, Pete Lansdale, Wally Mawdsley and Maurice Morley, waited for the planing permission to build the track however despite the local council having given the go ahead the Kent County Council refused permission so after just a couple of away meetings there was a contracted team with no home track.

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Thanks are due to John Jarvis who allowed data from his book ‘Homes of British Speedway and John Somerville who supplied and permitted the use of the programme covers. Our gratitude gentlemen.