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Ron was born on the 23rd of December in 1929, to a humble country family living in Buckinghamshire his father a farmer and publican. This background does not seem to be what you would expect to produce one of the best speedway riders that England had in the middle of the last century.

Ron, the speedway rider, started when he was 21 at Harringay for the 1951 season. At the time the team was in the National League 1, so Ron was in at the deep end right from the start. Riding 34 matches for Harringay during that first season and achieved a very creditable point’s average.  Staying with the Harringay team for the next 3 seasons until the end of the 1954, his point’s average by then having reached 7.

1955 and Ron takes his place with the Wimbledon team where he is destined to stay for the next nine years. During this time his skill and his averages improving in a steady and persistent manner. One last change of team for the 1964 season when he joined Oxford, where, in 1965, his second season, he attained a points average of over 10.  But this year was to be his last riding year; he was riding in a test match at Wimbledon, England v Soviet Union when he sustained a serious shoulder injury in a track accident, the damage to his shoulder was such that he decided he would be best to retire, he was 35.

During his riding career he qualified for the World Finals on eight occasions, he was a World Team Cup finalist four times, part of the team that won the League Championship five times and National Trophy winner also on five occasions.

Ron died on the 10th October 2011 and you can read John Chaplin's obituary for Ron How by clicking the button below.

Ron How
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