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Ryde the Isle of Wight
Speedway Track

In December 1995 noise tests were carried out at the Smallbrook Stadium with the help of riders Justin Elkins and Martin Willis, it was hoped to get planing permission to run speedway, tests done and the Newport IOW Council satisfied, permission was granted for speedway to take place at the venue for a period of five years.

Former rider George Major set about the laying of a racing circuit in the area at presently occupied by a disused athletics track which ran around a football pitch that was still in use. The initial meeting was called the Island Individual Championship and was won by Martin Willis, it took place on the 13th May 1996 and was followed by a period of Conference/Amateur League racing during that year 1996 and 1997 the promoter Gareth Rogers and the stadium owner Mark Firmin. The introduction of Premier League racing to the venue also happened during 1997 when the promotion of the Skegness based team decided to move their setup to the Isle of Wight - it is suggested that is was to see if the introduction of racing at a higher level would increase the number of spectators to the Ryde venue. Whatever the reason negotiations between the stadium owner and the Skegness promotion of Peter Oakes and Sarah Gudgeon led to the Skegness Braves remaining at the Smallbrook Stadium and changing their name to the Islanders.

1998 and the promotion of Martin Newnham and Dave Pavitt continued to run a team in the Premier league until in 2009 they moved to the National League where the remain to the time of writing (2013) the promotion now being held by Chris Hunt and Kevin Shepherd.

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