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Scott Simandl CZ Staride Erskine Sunbeam DT 90


One of machines that was there at the start, the Scott was known for it’s inelegant looks and the howl of the engine, from the photos I have seen it had a steep sloping top tube and the saddle appears to have grown on a tube of its own, giving the machine the appearance of a ladies push bike. I understand that the 1928 Scott model had a 2 stroke engine (the only one known in speedway) and this may account for the reported scream emitted from the machine, I am told that it did have riders that favoured it including Oliver Langton, Frank Varey  and Arthur Franklyn.

Simandl CZ

Czechoslovakian equipment that is not much heard of, produced in or around the 1950’s and fitted with a JAP style engine.


Mike Erskine was not just a successful speedway rider he was a thinking speedway rider and during the winter of 1947 he turned his mind and his car radiator workshop to trying to improve the equipment that was used on the speedway track. He tried reconfiguring the frame and came to the conclusion that different riders required a different set up. He studied the frames available and then set out to build a frame that would incorporate the best points of the presently available frames.

Once all his study was completed he produced a frame fitted it with a JAP engine and made sure it was finished in a neat and business like manner. When it arrived on track it became an over winter wonder and was the centre of much interest, the orders were not slow coming in and nor were the results. Many of the riders using the Staride found improving results and at the end of the 1948 season the Erskine workshop have produced approximately 200 machines and had orders enough to see him and his staff of seven busy through the winter.

Many well considered riders were using the Staride and many were having excellent results and with each win the orders increased and it was not just the customers for his equipment that were doing well Mike Erskine’s riding was also successful. He retired from speedway racing in 1951 and just by way of a change started to construct Formula 3 cars and they too proved successful.

Sunbeam DT 90

The Sunbeam DT90 first appeared on the speedway track ridden by Gus Kuhn, well known rider and president of the World Speedway Riders’ Association in 1964 although at that time it was known as the Veteran Dirt Track Riders’ Association.

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