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Speedway Tracks

We are collecting information and photos of any track where speedway racing or training has taken place, if you can contribute then please do you will be credited.

Have collected information from many sources but found the facts about the tracks in ‘Homes of British Speedway’ invaluable and reliable, would urge anyone interested in the venues used for speedway in the UK do their best to source a copy of this book by Robert Bamford and John Jarvis and thank John for his permission to use the facts he has spent so much time collecting.

At the moment I have just started listing the tracks and await your thoughts

Tracks are listed alphabetically  

A Tracks B Tracks C Tracks D Tracks E Tracks F Tracks G Tracks H Tracks I/J/K Tracks L Tracks M Tracks N Tracks O & P Tracks R Tracks S Tracks T/U/V Tracks W Tracks X/Y/Z Tracks