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Triumph Velocette KTD   Vincent HRD  


Exhibited at the Crystal Palace Motor Cycle Show in 1929 it distinguished its self in two particular features, the sprockets, the two on the rear wheel to be precise. They were set one either side of the hub and they were different sizes, so arranged to make the removal and replacing of the rear wheel extremely quick to achieve, the different size sprockets meant that you only have to reverse the wheel to achieve different gearing.

Velocette KTD 415/348

Only 22 examples of this machine were made, designed by Harold Willis and first built in 1929, the riders known to have ridden the Velocette KTD were Jim Kempster, Bert Clayton, Gus Kuhn and Wally Hull.  

Vincent HRD 1947

Born in 1908 Phillip Vincent became well known in Motorcycling for his skills in producing beautiful and efficient machines, who has not heard of the Vincent, not many I would guess but it is probably less known that in 1946 he was asked by West Ham Speedway if the Vincent team could produce an engine suitable for the speedway track. The HRD was produced and tried for a season with notable achievements. Further developed by Alec Mosely the West Ham tuner, the management at West Ham tried to obtain the rights from Vincent but this was not granted, shame really as from then on the project then seemed to dwindle and that was the end of Vincent’s connection with speedway.

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