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Weslake   Wallis Blackburne Williams USA Wright “Pop”


Harry Weslake’s organisation produced a speedway machine with a SOHC engines designed for use in Speedway and long track, the frames featuring telescopic front forks, no rear suspension, bushes ensure the smooth movement of the steering column and the frame is finished in a stove enamel dusty grey finish. Air cooled engine, single over head cam the single piston producing 500cc.

From 1975 on Weslake produced several engine choices, apart from the OHC 2 and 4 valve they offered a Single OHC 4 valve and Double OHC 4 valve - and these speedway engines were available in 250, 350 & 500 cc.  

Wallis Blackburne

Made in 1929 by George Wallis before the production of the Wallis/JAP.

Williams USA

Built in 1979 and 80 by Ken Williams and his father at their California workshop, the aim being to produce a lightweight but stiffer frame than those available at the time, the finished frame did indeed turn out to be lighter than the Jawa but still more rigid, so they did achieve their aim in this respect. Constructed of mild steel tube, jigged and welded to their requirements. The top and rear down tube served as the fuel tank. Very few were made.

Wright “Pop”

Mechanic Fred ‘Pop’ Wright built frames in the early part of the 1950’s, closely associated to the Poole Pirate team and if reports are to be believed Brian Crutcher in particular.

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