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Born Walter Hartley Phillips on the 17th of October 1908 in Tottenham, London but know as Wal Phillips engineer or Wal Phillips Speedway rider and it is the latter that we will look at here.

First taking part in a handicap race, and taking the advice of the old hands finnished in the middle of his heat and being well placed in the handicaped final won that with room to spare. He attended the meeting at High Beech but was not that impressed until he saw the action Stanford Bridge under the flood lights and then it appears he could not wait to begin his speedway career with Stamford Bridge Pensioners alongside fellow rider Gus Kuhn in 1929 when team riding in the UK first began. He must have continued to enjoy his riding at Stanford Bridge as he remained with them until the end of 1932 being part of the team that became Southern League Champions and in 1932 the National Association Trophy.

In 1930 he was choosen to represent his country in a test against the Australians and was so successful that he was again choosed every year from then until 1936.

1933 saw both Wal Phillips and fellow team member Gus Kuhn move to Wimbledon to become part of the Dons team where he stayed until in 1936 his leg was so badly damaged whilst riding in Austraila during the 1936/37 season he had to retire from racing although he returned to Wimbledon Dons for the 1939 season to act as their non-riding Captain.

Wal qualified for the World Final Championship in 1936

He was a long term member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association and he became President for the Association in 1968, he died in 1998 at the age of 89.

Wal was also well regarded as an engineer as well as a rider I information about that side of his career can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Wal Phillips

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