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It was in those exciting years of the sixties, that a young Sydney surfer decided to forsake his love of the beaches and embark on a quest to become an international speedway rider.

The road that Garry Hay was to travel was one that took him close to tragedies on several occasions,he became a member of the famous West Ham Hammers and rode with the best in the world, then on the brink of success with a triumphal return to Sydney his career was snuffed out by an accident that left him in a wheel chair with severe spinal injuries. In a truly inspirational life he rose above his disabilities to promote speedway in the Philippines and eventually live a secluded life on an idyllic island off the mainland.

Tony tells me “I was introduced to Garry by his great mate Trevor Harding, the White Ghost. I travelled to Sydney and met Garry at his beach side home which he visits every year. Garry now lives with his wife in the Philippines. Garry gave me all his memoirs from which I compiled the story.it is one of triumph over tragedy, life style, good diet and friendships.

 There is no doubt that Garry would have become a world class rider had the winds of fate been kinder to him,. The remarkable thing about Garry is that he never lost the love of a sport that dealt a cruel blow, through the deep friendships he has made he continues to be an inspiration to speedway followers around the world.”

Please contact Tony Webb direct to acquire a copy of this book it is A4, thermal bound, 120 pages containing many original photographs.

Wheels of Fate
The Garry Hay Story Book
By Tony Webb
Available direct from Binbooks - E-mail

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