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Speedway history revisited!

Brisbane author Tony Webb’s  long awaited biography on the life of pioneer speedway promoter and entrepreneur Albert John Hunting  will  be released on March 1 2014. Worldwide Speedway Adventurer is a must for students of speedway history

Webb an English born speedway buff  has spent three years researching the life of  Hunting, fondly known as AJ. The 260 page book which has 71.000 words and 190 photographs ties in AJ ‘s travels from Melbourne to New Zealand, Sydney, Queensland, England, France, South America, New York and finally back to Queensland. Although AJ  had speedway promotion as his focal point he dabbled in many adventures on the way.

Boxing, tourism, publishing, floodlight golf, inventions, health club, farming and prospecting.

The most startling revelation is that he invented one day cricket in 1933, pre Packer!

AJ  was a meticulous recorder of facts, Webb was granted access to the family archives dating back to 1896.

This is a speedway book with a difference, Webb bravely challenges to long held theories on the birth of speedway. he will doubtless win few friends within the speedway world as he exposes long held beliefs, but backed up by the factual evidence.

The story, which was written in consultation with the Hunting family, is in chronological order.

Comprehensive data on riders and copies of personal letters are included. The authors research took him to Melbourne and London in search of the facts.

Webb said that his  main inspiration was from Australian  historian the late  Jim Shepherd, a man he said was not afraid to challenge the legends and who gave  encouragement when others were less then helpful. There was a story to be told that puts Queensland right up there in speedway history and I was determined to publish it he said.

Worldwide Speedway Adventurer is published through  Clark and Mackay isbn  978-0-646-91583-8. It will be marketed through  HYPERLINK http://www.abebooks.com www.abebooks.com. or direct from the author HYPERLINK mailto: . at 15 Tranquil Street, Sunnybank hills, Queensland 4109.   A number of library talks and book signings are planned for 2014      

Worldwide Speedway Adventurer
By Tony Webb
Printers Clark and Mackay
Marketed by Abebooks - website click here
Available direct from Binbooks - E-mail

ISBN 978-0-646-91583-8

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