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Bob Young Born 21st January 1944, Sydney, Australia, coming to England with Gary Moore and Warren Hawkins in 1970.

He started his speedway career in the UK the year he arrived and began by riding at Reading being part of the Reading Racers team where he seems to have been a team member for a large part of the season before breaking an elbow whilst riding for them.

Moving to Rayleigh Rockets for the 1971 season where he remained until they closed in 1973; with the closure of Rayleigh and the transfer of the Rockets to Rye House 1974 saw Bob Young riding at Rye House Rockets for part of the 1974 season, however it would seem he did not settle there as half way through the 1974 season he decided to ride for Crayford Kestrels.  There are records that show he also took rides at Cradley Heath & Middlesbrough.

Bob returned to his native Australia for the 1975 season where he rode at the Sydney Showground and although he returned to the UK during 1976 he did not ride but remained in the UK for 1976 with his wife.

Can find no further records of Bob having ridden in the UK after 1975.

1977 saw Bob and his wife deciding to drive back home (Australia) and so they set off across Europe and then  onto Iran and India. Through the Kybher Pass where they boarded a ship to take them to Australia.

This trip took place in a Ford Escort van, equipped with beds and cooking facilities. They had but one puncture and a broken rear spring as they approached the end of the Indian part of the trip, rescued and helped by a Doctor who helped them with the van repairs and took them to his home whilst the repairs were achieved. The van, newly returned to good health, was then sold at the docks when the Australia bound ship was boarded.

Bob Young is a respected member of the World Speedway Riders’ Association.

The photo shows Bob Young (number 1) and his friend and team mate Terry Stone (number 2) team riding for Rayleigh Rockets.

Bob Young

I am indebted to Terry Stone who, when I enquired about Bob Young’s UK career, picked up the phone and spoke to his Australian team mate, there's dedication to the sport’s history but I think he enjoyed the chance to chat over the good old days.

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